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Buddha Bar

Rivière Noire
Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Centre de Flacq, Mauritius, where the Indian Ocean meets golden sands, lies a destination that has redefined luxury and relaxation - the Buddha Bar Beach. This beach club, known for its unique blend of sophistication and Mauritian charm, has become a must-visit spot for discerning travelers. Let's delve into the captivating allure of Buddha Bar Beach.

A Prime Location in Centre de Flacq

Buddha Bar Beach enjoys a location that is both strategic and breathtaking. Overlooking the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, the club offers visitors a panoramic view that is nothing short of mesmerizing. The gentle sound of waves, combined with the tropical ambiance, sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Accommodations that Exude Elegance

Every guest stepping into Buddha Bar Beach is treated to accommodations that spell luxury at every corner. From spacious rooms adorned with contemporary decor to suites that offer unparalleled ocean views, the club promises a stay that is both comfortable and opulent. The blend of modern design with Mauritian elements ensures a unique experience for every visitor.

Culinary Excellence at Its Best

Dining at Buddha Bar Beach is a journey of flavors. The club's culinary team, with its expertise and passion, crafts dishes that are a fusion of international cuisines and local Mauritian flavors. Whether it's a gourmet dish inspired by Asian flavors or a traditional Mauritian delicacy, the menu promises a treat for the senses. The club's signature cocktails, crafted to perfection, complement the dining experience.

Recreation Meets Relaxation

Beyond its culinary offerings, Buddha Bar Beach ensures that guests have a plethora of activities to choose from. Dive into the azure waters for a snorkeling adventure, lounge by the infinity pool with a drink in hand, or indulge in a spa treatment that promises rejuvenation. The club's ambiance, with its soothing music and elegant design, ensures relaxation at every step.

Events with a Signature Touch

Buddha Bar Beach is not just a leisure spot; it's also a preferred venue for events that demand sophistication. Be it a corporate gathering, a beachfront wedding, or a special celebration, the club's dedicated events team ensures that every detail is catered to with precision. The oceanic backdrop, combined with the club's luxurious setting, promises an event that is memorable.

Sustainability in Focus

In the pristine environment of Mauritius, Buddha Bar Beach recognizes the importance of sustainable practices. From eco-friendly amenities to initiatives that promote local conservation, the club is committed to ensuring that its operations leave a minimal footprint on the environment.

Centre de Flacq's Luxurious Retreat

Buddha Bar Beach, with its unparalleled luxury, world-class amenities, and commitment to excellence, stands as a beacon of sophistication in Centre de Flacq, Mauritius. It's more than just a beach club; it's a destination that promises memories that last a lifetime. If you're seeking a slice of paradise with a touch of elegance, look no further than Buddha Bar Beach - where every moment is a celebration of life.

Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Gaube Logo

Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Gaube

Rivière du Rempart
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled along the scenic shores of Rivière du Rempart in Mauritius, Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Gaube stands as a testament to luxury, relaxation, and unparalleled tropical charm. This exquisite beachfront destination promises a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty and world-class hospitality, making it a must-visit haven for those seeking an unforgettable escape.

Tropical Elegance by the Sea

As you step into Beach Rouge, you are instantly greeted by an atmosphere of tropical elegance. The stylish and contemporary design seamlessly merges with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and visually stunning environment. With panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, the ambiance is set for an idyllic day in paradise.

Culinary Delights with a Seaside Flair

Beach Rouge takes the culinary experience to new heights with its diverse and delectable menu. From fresh seafood to international cuisine, every dish is a masterpiece crafted with precision and passion. Enjoy a leisurely lunch with your toes in the sand, or savor a romantic dinner under the starlit Mauritian sky. The menu caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a gastronomic adventure that delights even the most discerning palates.

Sip and Savor at the Beach Bar

The Beach Bar at Rouge adds a touch of laid-back sophistication to your tropical escape. Indulge in handcrafted cocktails, premium spirits, and an extensive selection of fine wines. The skilled mixologists are dedicated to creating signature drinks that perfectly complement the breathtaking surroundings. Sip and savor your favorite beverage while the gentle sea breeze and the sound of waves provide the perfect soundtrack to your island getaway.

Chic Vibes and Entertainment

As the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, Beach Rouge transforms into a chic and vibrant hotspot. The beach comes alive with music that ranges from laid-back tunes to lively beats, creating an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and celebration. Whether you're looking for a tranquil retreat or a lively evening of entertainment, Beach Rouge caters to all tastes, ensuring that every moment is memorable.

Seaside Serenity and Water Activities

Beyond its culinary and entertainment offerings, Beach Rouge provides a gateway to a world of aquatic adventures. Guests can partake in an array of water activities, from snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters to paddleboarding along the shoreline. The beach's prime location makes it a perfect starting point for exploring the vibrant marine life that Mauritius is renowned for.

Where Luxury Meets Nature

Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Gaube is more than just a beachfront destination; it's a symphony of luxury, nature, and unforgettable experiences. From its elegant design and culinary excellence to its chic ambiance and seaside serenity, every aspect is curated to provide guests with a tropical haven that exceeds expectations. A visit to Beach Rouge is an invitation to embrace the beauty of Mauritius in a setting where luxury seamlessly meets the natural wonders of the Indian Ocean.

Cocoshack Logo


Savanne District
Outdoor only

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Savanne District in Mauritius lies a hidden gem that promises a tropical escape like no other – Cocoshack. This charming haven captures the essence of the island's natural beauty and cultural richness, creating an oasis that beckons travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.

A Glimpse of Cocoshack's Allure

As you step into Cocoshack, you are immediately greeted by a lush landscape that showcases the vibrant flora indigenous to Mauritius. The property is a harmonious blend of traditional Mauritian architecture and modern design, creating a tranquil atmosphere that is both inviting and enchanting. The architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the island's serene ambiance.

Breathtaking Views from Every Corner

Perched strategically in the Savanne District, Cocoshack offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. From the pristine beaches to the verdant hills, guests are treated to a visual feast that captures the essence of Mauritius. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely breakfast on your private balcony or sipping a cocktail by the pool, the views at Cocoshack are nothing short of spectacular.

Luxury Redefined with Mauritian Hospitality

Cocoshack goes beyond providing just accommodation; it offers an authentic Mauritian hospitality experience. The staff, known for their warmth and friendliness, ensure that guests feel not just welcomed but cherished. The attention to detail in service, coupled with a genuine desire to make your stay memorable, sets Cocoshack apart as a true haven of hospitality.

Culinary Delights in Paradise

One cannot discuss Cocoshack without indulging in its culinary offerings. The on-site restaurant serves a delectable fusion of local and international cuisines, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Guests can savor the flavors of Mauritius while enjoying the stunning sunset, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Adventure Awaits in Savanne District

Beyond the confines of Cocoshack, Savanne District invites exploration. The resort acts as a gateway to an array of outdoor activities, from hiking in the lush hills to water sports along the pristine coastline. For those seeking adventure, Cocoshack provides a convenient and luxurious starting point for exploring the natural wonders of Savanne District.

Your Gateway to Mauritian Paradise

Cocoshack in Savanne District, Mauritius, embodies the perfect fusion of luxury, nature, and authentic hospitality. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a relaxation seeker, or an adventurer, Cocoshack promises an experience that transcends the ordinary. Indulge in the beauty of Mauritius, and let Cocoshack be your gateway to a tropical paradise that lingers in your memories long after you've left the shores of this enchanting island.

Tides Long Beach Logo

Tides Long Beach

Flacq District
Outdoor only

Nestled on the pristine shores of Flacq District in Mauritius, Tides Long Beach beckons travelers to a haven of luxury, tranquility, and unparalleled natural beauty. This idyllic resort stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of modern amenities and the breathtaking allure of the Indian Ocean. Let's embark on a journey to explore the wonders that make Tides Long Beach a destination like no other.

Seaside Serenity: A Coastal Oasis

Tides Long Beach is a symphony of sea and sky, offering an unparalleled coastal escape. Picture yourself waking up to the gentle lull of waves, the golden sun painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. This resort capitalizes on its prime beachfront location, allowing guests to indulge in the therapeutic sound of the ocean while relishing stunning panoramic views.

Luxurious Accommodations: A Home Away From Home

The resort boasts a range of elegantly appointed accommodations, each designed to provide the utmost comfort and style. From chic beachfront suites to spacious family villas, every room reflects a seamless blend of contemporary design and traditional Mauritian charm. Tides Long Beach takes pride in offering a personalized and lavish experience, ensuring guests feel pampered and rejuvenated throughout their stay.

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

Embark on a culinary adventure at Tides Long Beach, where a diverse array of dining options awaits. From sumptuous seafood delicacies at the beachfront grill to exotic flavors of local and international cuisines, the resort's restaurants cater to the discerning palate. The commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients elevates the dining experience, leaving guests with unforgettable tastes of Mauritius.

Exotic Activities: Adventures Beyond the Horizon

For those seeking adventure, Tides Long Beach is a gateway to a myriad of water sports and land activities. Snorkel through vibrant coral reefs, embark on a catamaran cruise, or explore the lush surroundings on a nature hike – the options are as diverse as the landscape itself. The resort's activity coordinators ensure that guests can tailor their experience to suit their interests and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wellness Haven: Relaxation Redefined

Tides Long Beach understands the importance of holistic well-being. The resort's spa and wellness center offers a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Indulge in therapeutic treatments inspired by local traditions, or unwind with yoga sessions overlooking the azure waters. The spa's skilled therapists and serene ambiance create a haven where guests can escape the stresses of everyday life.

Where Paradise Meets Luxury

Tides Long Beach in Flacq District, Mauritius, stands as a beacon of tropical splendor. From the moment you step onto the powdery sands until the sun dips below the horizon, this resort weaves a tapestry of luxury, adventure, and relaxation. With its commitment to excellence and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences, Tides Long Beach invites you to discover the true essence of Mauritian paradise.

Sands Grill Logo

Sands Grill

Flacq District
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Flacq District in Mauritius, Sands Grill stands out as a culinary oasis, offering a delightful blend of exquisite flavors, warm hospitality, and a captivating ambiance.

A Taste of Mauritius on Every Plate

Sands Grill takes pride in showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Mauritius on every plate. The menu is a symphony of flavors, featuring a fusion of local spices, fresh seafood, and tropical produce. From succulent grilled prawns to tender lamb chops, each dish reflects the diverse influences that make Mauritian cuisine truly unique.

A Charming Ambiance with a Tropical Twist

As you step into Sands Grill, you are greeted by a charming ambiance that seamlessly blends modern sophistication with tropical warmth. The open-air setting allows diners to bask in the gentle sea breeze, creating a serene atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. The carefully curated decor, featuring earthy tones and wooden accents, adds a touch of elegance to the casual, laid-back charm.

Exceptional Service that Exceeds Expectations

Sands Grill takes hospitality to a whole new level with its exceptional service. The staff, known for their friendliness and attentiveness, ensures that every guest feels not just welcomed but truly pampered. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor exploring the beauty of Mauritius, the warm smiles and genuine care of the Sands Grill team make you feel like part of the family.

Sunset Dining: A Magical Experience

For those seeking a truly enchanting dining experience, Sands Grill offers sunset dining that is nothing short of magical. Picture this: sipping on a refreshing cocktail, enjoying delectable cuisine, and witnessing the sun dip below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the Indian Ocean. It's an experience that adds a dash of romance and spectacle to an already delightful meal.

Fresh Seafood Extravaganza

Mauritius is renowned for its abundant marine life, and Sands Grill takes full advantage of this by offering a fresh seafood extravaganza. From lobster to red snapper, the seafood selection is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to quality and freshness. Each dish is expertly prepared, allowing diners to savor the ocean's bounty in every bite.

Where Every Meal Tells a Story

In the Flacq District of Mauritius, Sands Grill stands as more than just a restaurant; it's a storyteller, narrating the tale of Mauritius through its flavorful dishes and inviting ambiance. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast, a traveler exploring the island's treasures, or a local resident seeking a memorable dining experience, Sands Grill promises a journey of taste and delight that lingers in the memory long after the last bite.

Le Palmier Logo

Le Palmier

Savanne District
Outdoor only

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Savanne District of Mauritius, Le Palmier stands as a tropical oasis that beckons travelers to indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of the island. From its lush surroundings to its warm hospitality, this hidden gem offers an enchanting escape that captivates the senses.

Lush Tropical Paradise

As you step into Le Palmier, you are instantly greeted by a lush tropical paradise that defines the essence of Mauritius. The sprawling palm trees sway gently in the breeze, creating a soothing melody that accompanies your every step. The vibrant colors of exotic flowers and the sweet fragrance of tropical blooms paint a vivid canvas, making it a haven for nature lovers seeking tranquility.

Elegance Meets Comfort

Le Palmier seamlessly blends elegance with comfort, offering a range of accommodations that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you opt for a charming bungalow or a luxurious suite, each abode is meticulously designed to provide a cozy sanctuary amidst the tropical splendor. The interiors are adorned with locally inspired decor, creating a seamless fusion of modern amenities and authentic Mauritian charm.

Culinary Delights

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavors of Mauritius. Le Palmier's on-site restaurants showcase a delectable array of local and international cuisines. From freshly caught seafood to aromatic spices, every dish is a celebration of the island's gastronomic diversity. Guests are invited to savor the unique blend of flavors while dining in open-air settings that enhance the overall dining experience.

Idyllic Beachfront Setting

One of the standout features of Le Palmier is its idyllic beachfront setting. The resort boasts direct access to a pristine stretch of sand and crystal-clear waters. Whether you're looking to soak up the sun, take a leisurely stroll along the shore, or indulge in water sports, the beachfront location ensures a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Beyond its natural beauty, Le Palmier invites guests to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Mauritius. The resort organizes cultural activities and excursions, allowing visitors to explore the local traditions, art, and history of the island. From vibrant markets to traditional dance performances, these experiences provide a deeper connection to the Mauritian way of life.

Discover the Tropical Oasis of Le Palmier in Savanne District

Le Palmier in the Savanne District of Mauritius stands as a testament to the island's allure. With its lush surroundings, elegant accommodations, culinary delights, beachfront setting, and immersive cultural experiences, this tropical haven promises an unforgettable retreat. Embrace the magic of Le Palmier, where every moment is a celebration of the beauty that defines Mauritius.

C Beach Club Logo

C Beach Club

Savanne District
Indoor & Outdoor

Mauritius, with its turquoise waters and pristine beaches, has long been a sought-after destination for those seeking a tropical paradise. Nestled in the heart of this idyllic island is the exquisite C Beach Club, located in the Savanne District. This hidden gem offers an unparalleled blend of luxury, relaxation, and entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.

A Serene Escape

As you step onto the grounds of C Beach Club, you are immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility. The club's architecture seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of its surroundings, creating a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Savanne District provides the perfect backdrop, with lush greenery and the gentle murmur of the ocean waves.

Luxurious Amenities

C Beach Club takes luxury to a whole new level with its world-class amenities. From private cabanas overlooking the ocean to infinity pools that seem to blend into the horizon, every detail has been carefully curated to ensure a truly indulgent experience. The attentive staff caters to your every need, whether it's a refreshing cocktail by the pool or a rejuvenating spa treatment.

Culinary Delights

Food enthusiasts will be delighted by the diverse culinary offerings at C Beach Club. The club boasts a selection of restaurants and bars, each with its unique flair. Indulge in delectable seafood at the beachside grill or savor international cuisine at the upscale restaurant. The chefs at C Beach Club are dedicated to creating culinary masterpieces that cater to every palate.

Water Adventures

For those seeking adventure, C Beach Club has an array of water activities to choose from. Whether it's snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, paddleboarding along the coastline, or embarking on a thrilling boat excursion, there's something for every water enthusiast. The club's experienced guides ensure a safe and unforgettable experience.

Events and Entertainment

C Beach Club is not just a daytime retreat; it transforms into a vibrant hub of entertainment as the sun sets. Live music, themed parties, and cultural events are regularly hosted, creating a lively and social atmosphere. Whether you're a couple looking for a romantic evening or a group of friends seeking a night out, C Beach Club has the perfect event to suit your mood.

Discover the Tranquil Oasis of C Beach Club in Savanne District

C Beach Club in the Savanne District of Mauritius is a testament to the island's commitment to providing a world-class hospitality experience. With its picturesque setting, luxurious amenities, delectable cuisine, and diverse entertainment options, this hidden oasis is a haven for those in search of a truly unforgettable escape. Whether you're a local looking for a weekend retreat or a tourist exploring the beauty of Mauritius, C Beach Club is a destination that promises relaxation, indulgence, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Baie Logo

Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Baie

Grand Baie
Indoor & Outdoor

When you dream of Mauritius, visions of sapphire waters, sun-kissed sands, and vibrant sunsets likely come to mind. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Grand Baie, Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Baie brings these dreams to life, setting a new standard for beachfront sophistication and leisure.

Luxe by the Sea

Positioned on the pristine shores of Grand Baie, Beach Rouge offers an unparalleled view of the Indian Ocean's azure expanse. The club seamlessly blends the laid-back vibe of a beach lounge with the sophistication of a luxury resort. The open-air layout, dotted with chic loungers and cozy cabanas, allows guests to soak up the sun by day and revel under the starlit sky by night.

Culinary Delights

Beach Rouge doesn't just satiate the senses with its scenic beauty but also tantalizes the taste buds with its culinary offerings. Drawing from the rich Mauritian culinary landscape, the menu is a fusion of local flavors and international finesse. From freshly caught seafood delicacies to perfectly grilled meats, every dish promises a gastronomic adventure. The extensive bar menu, boasting tropical cocktails, premium spirits, and curated wines, complements the food's flavors, making for a rounded dining experience.

The Pulse of Entertainment

Beach Rouge is not just a tranquil retreat but also the heart of entertainment in Grand Baie. The ambient sound of waves is often accompanied by the melodic tunes of live bands or DJs spinning the latest hits. Special evenings might feature traditional Mauritian Sega dancers, whose rhythmic moves are nothing short of captivating.

Wellness by the Waves

Understanding the modern traveler's needs, Beach Rouge offers wellness activities right by the beach. From sunrise yoga sessions that align the mind and body to rejuvenating beachfront massages, guests can indulge in holistic experiences without leaving the sandy shores.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In sync with LUX* Resorts & Hotels' sustainability ethos, Beach Rouge prioritizes eco-friendly practices. Whether it's the use of biodegradable materials, sourcing local produce, or engaging in beach clean-up drives, the club ensures that luxury doesn't come at the planet's expense.

Events with a Panoramic Backdrop

Be it intimate beach weddings, milestone celebrations, or corporate events, Beach Rouge provides the perfect setting. The blend of nature's beauty, world-class amenities, and the LUX* touch ensures every event is both memorable and seamlessly executed.

Personalized Service

What truly makes a visit to Beach Rouge unforgettable is the impeccable service. The LUX* team, with their warm smiles and meticulous attention to detail, ensures that every guest's experience is tailor-made. From personalized dining experiences to curated beach activities, they go the extra mile to make every moment special.

The Epitome of Beachfront Elegance in Mauritius

Beach Rouge at LUX* Grand Baie isn't just a beach club—it's an experience that encapsulates the very essence of Mauritian luxury. It is a harmonious blend of nature's beauty, culinary excellence, vibrant entertainment, and heartfelt hospitality. For those seeking a slice of paradise with a touch of elegance, Beach Rouge awaits with open arms and endless ocean views.

C Beach Club Logo

C Beach Club

Bel Ombre
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the serene coastal village of Bel Ombre, the C Beach Club emerges as a haven of luxury and tropical charm. An emblematic beach retreat on the paradisiacal island of Mauritius, the C Beach Club offers both locals and travelers an unforgettable seaside experience.

Ephemeral Setting & Design

Upon setting foot in C Beach Club, guests are welcomed by an unbroken stretch of sugary white sands that kiss the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The club seamlessly blends contemporary design with traditional Mauritian elements. Thatched roofs, indigenous flora, and open spaces echo the spirit of island living, allowing guests to feel the intimate connection with nature.

Gastronomic Delights

The culinary journey at C Beach Club is nothing short of exceptional. Visitors can indulge in a range of flavors – from local Creole delicacies to international gourmet dishes. Fresh seafood, plucked right from the waters, takes center stage on the menu. Coupled with the club's impressive collection of wines and cocktails, dining here becomes an immersive experience.

Leisure and Activities

Apart from basking under the sun and enjoying the panoramic ocean views, C Beach Club offers a plethora of activities. Whether it's water sports, beach volleyball, or simply lounging by the pool with a book, there's something for everyone. Evening soirees often feature live music, allowing guests to dance under the stars to the rhythms of the island.

For those looking to rejuvenate, the wellness facilities are worth exploring. Yoga sessions amidst the gentle sound of waves, or a massage under the beach cabanas, offer a unique way to relax and rejuvenate.

Events and Celebrations

Recognized as a prime venue in Bel Ombre, C Beach Club is often chosen for private events, from intimate beach weddings to grand corporate soirees. With its impeccable service, stunning vistas, and customized event planning, celebrations here become memories of a lifetime.

Sustainability at Its Core

In tune with the global emphasis on sustainability, C Beach Club is deeply committed to preserving the beauty of Bel Ombre. Eco-friendly practices, from waste management to supporting local communities, are integrated into their operations.

The Crown Jewel of Bel Ombre, Mauritius

C Beach Club is more than just a destination; it's a feeling, an experience that captures the essence of Mauritius. With its exquisite offerings and impeccable service, the club stands as a testament to the beauty and hospitality that the island is renowned for. Whether you're seeking a quiet retreat, an adventurous escapade, or a luxurious holiday, C Beach Club in Bel Ombre, Mauritius, promises an experience that will linger in your memories forever.

Solana Beach Mauritius Logo

Solana Beach Mauritius

Centre de Flacq
Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the azure waters and sun-kissed shores of Centre de Flacq, Mauritius, stands a destination that embodies the spirit of tropical luxury - Solana Beach Mauritius. This beach club, with its harmonious blend of Mauritian tradition and contemporary elegance, has become a beacon for those seeking a slice of paradise. Dive in as we explore the enchanting world of Solana Beach Mauritius.

A Beachfront Oasis in Centre de Flacq

Solana Beach Mauritius boasts an enviable location, nestled on the pristine coastline of Centre de Flacq. Visitors are treated to panoramic vistas of the shimmering Indian Ocean, with the gentle sound of waves and the rustling of palm leaves creating a symphony of nature. The golden sands and turquoise waters beckon, promising a serene escape from the everyday.

Accommodations that Whisper Luxury

Every guest at Solana Beach Mauritius is welcomed into a realm of comfort and luxury. The accommodations, ranging from chic rooms to lavish suites, are thoughtfully designed to offer a blend of modernity and Mauritian charm. Private balconies, tropical decor, and state-of-the-art amenities ensure a stay that is both relaxing and memorable.

A Culinary Voyage of Discovery

Dining at Solana Beach Mauritius is an experience in itself. The club's culinary team crafts dishes that celebrate the rich gastronomic heritage of Mauritius. From fresh seafood delicacies to traditional Creole flavors, the menu promises a journey for the taste buds. Paired with panoramic ocean views, every meal becomes a moment to cherish.

Recreation and Relaxation by the Sea

Beyond its culinary delights, Solana Beach Mauritius offers a plethora of activities for guests to indulge in. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a snorkeling adventure, lounge by the pool with a tropical cocktail in hand, or embark on a kayaking expedition – the choices are endless. For those seeking relaxation, the club's spa offers treatments that rejuvenate the body and soul.

Events with a Tropical Touch

Solana Beach Mauritius is not just a leisure destination; it's also a venue for unforgettable events. Whether it's a beachfront wedding, a corporate retreat, or a special celebration, the club's dedicated events team ensures perfection in every detail. The mesmerizing backdrop of the ocean and the club's elegant decor add a touch of magic to every occasion.

Commitment to Sustainability and Nature

In the idyllic setting of Mauritius, preserving the environment is paramount. Solana Beach Mauritius takes this responsibility to heart. From eco-friendly practices to promoting local conservation efforts, the club is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for Centre de Flacq and its visitors.

Centre de Flacq's Coastal Jewel

Solana Beach Mauritius, with its unmatched location, world-class amenities, and authentic Mauritian experience, stands out as a gem in the heart of Centre de Flacq. It's more than just a beach club; it's a destination where dreams come alive, and memories are forged. If you're planning a trip to Mauritius, make sure to immerse yourself in the magic of Solana Beach Mauritius - a coastal haven that promises an experience like no other.

La Plage by Evaco Logo

La Plage by Evaco

Pamplemousses District
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of the captivating Pamplemousses District in Mauritius, La Plage by Evaco stands as a testament to luxury and serenity. This tropical haven is a symphony of elegance, offering an unparalleled experience for those seeking a tranquil escape in one of the most enchanting corners of the Indian Ocean.

A Coastal Oasis

As you step into La Plage, a world of sheer opulence unfolds before your eyes. This exclusive resort boasts a prime location on the pristine coastline, allowing guests to indulge in breathtaking views of the azure waters and the powdery white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. The sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore creates a soothing soundtrack for your retreat into paradise.

Luxurious Accommodations

La Plage by Evaco takes pride in its meticulously designed accommodations that seamlessly blend modern comfort with authentic Mauritian charm. The spacious villas, adorned with contemporary furnishings and adorned in soothing tones, provide a haven of tranquility. Each villa comes complete with private pools, offering an intimate escape for couples or a delightful spot for family fun.

Culinary Delights

Gastronomic enthusiasts will find themselves in culinary heaven at La Plage. The resort features a diverse range of dining options, each promising a delightful journey for the taste buds. From delectable local cuisine to international flavors prepared by skilled chefs, every meal at La Plage is a celebration of the rich culinary tapestry that Mauritius has to offer.

Wellness and Recreation

For those seeking rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul, La Plage offers a range of wellness facilities. Indulge in a pampering spa treatment, practice yoga by the beach, or take a refreshing dip in the resort's pool. The options for relaxation and recreation are as boundless as the horizon.

Exquisite Events and Weddings

La Plage by Evaco provides an idyllic setting for unforgettable events and weddings. The picturesque backdrop of the Indian Ocean, combined with the resort's impeccable service, ensures that every moment is etched in the hearts of those fortunate enough to celebrate their special occasions at this coastal gem.

Impeccable Service

The hallmark of a truly remarkable resort lies in its dedication to guest satisfaction, and La Plage exceeds expectations in this regard. The attentive and friendly staff at the resort go above and beyond to ensure that every guest enjoys a seamless and memorable experience throughout their stay.

Discover Paradise at La Plage by Evaco in Pamplemousses District

La Plage by Evaco is more than a destination; it is an immersive journey into luxury and tranquility. Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or a venue for a special celebration, this coastal oasis in the Pamplemousses District beckons with open arms, ready to turn your dreams of paradise into a reality.

Eden Beach Logo

Eden Beach

Rivière du Rempart
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled along the pristine shores of Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius, Eden Beach stands as a testament to the beauty and tranquility that this tropical paradise has to offer. From powdery white sands to crystal-clear turquoise waters, Eden Beach beckons visitors to experience the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

A Tropical Oasis of Tranquility

As you step onto the soft sands of Eden Beach, the gentle lull of the waves creates a symphony of serenity. The resort is a haven for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, providing a perfect blend of luxury and nature. Surrounded by lush greenery and swaying palm trees, the atmosphere at Eden Beach is nothing short of enchanting.

Luxurious Accommodations with Oceanfront Views

Eden Beach offers a range of luxurious accommodations designed to cater to every guest's desires. Whether you prefer the spacious elegance of a private villa or the comfort of a stylish suite, each option provides breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Wake up to the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore and let the ocean breeze lull you into a state of pure relaxation.

Culinary Delights with a Mauritian Flair

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary journey at Eden Beach's restaurants. From fresh seafood caught daily to delectable Mauritian specialties, the resort's dining options cater to every palate. The blend of international and local flavors ensures a gastronomic experience that mirrors the cultural diversity of Mauritius.

Endless Activities for Every Adventurer

For those seeking adventure, Eden Beach offers a myriad of activities both on land and in the water. Snorkel in the vibrant coral reefs, embark on a sunset cruise, or explore the nearby nature reserves. The resort's experienced staff is always ready to assist, ensuring that every guest can tailor their stay to their unique preferences.

Unwind and Rejuvenate at the Spa

Relaxation takes center stage at Eden Beach's spa, where traditional Mauritian techniques and modern wellness practices come together. Indulge in a soothing massage or rejuvenating facial, and let the skilled therapists transport you to a world of bliss. The spa's serene ambiance and expert treatments make it a must-visit sanctuary for those seeking holistic well-being.

Warm Hospitality, Unforgettable Memories

At Eden Beach, the commitment to providing exceptional hospitality is evident in every interaction. The attentive staff ensures that guests feel welcomed and pampered throughout their stay. From arranging personalized excursions to anticipating every need, the team at Eden Beach is dedicated to creating a memorable and seamless experience.

Discover Paradise at Eden Beach in Rivière du Rempart

Eden Beach in Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius, is more than just a resort; it's a destination where natural beauty meets luxury. From the moment you arrive until the time you bid farewell, the enchanting atmosphere and warm hospitality of Eden Beach promise an unforgettable tropical retreat.

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Rivière du Rempart
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Mauritius, with its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and tropical allure, has always been synonymous with luxury and relaxation. Nestled in the heart of this paradise is the 2Beach Club by 2Futures, a haven that seamlessly blends modern elegance with the natural beauty of Rivière du Rempart. Let's explore what makes this exclusive beach club a gem on the shores of Mauritius.

A Tropical Oasis: Setting the Scene

Upon arrival, 2Beach Club welcomes you with lush greenery, swaying palm trees, and the rhythmic sounds of the Indian Ocean gently lapping against the shore. This idyllic setting creates an immediate sense of tranquility, providing the perfect backdrop for a blissful escape.

Luxurious Amenities: Elevating the Experience

2Beach Club is not just a beachfront retreat; it's a curated experience that caters to the most discerning guests. The club boasts a range of luxurious amenities, including a sparkling infinity pool that seems to merge seamlessly with the ocean beyond. Lounging on the sunbeds by the pool, you'll find yourself captivated by the breathtaking views and the gentle sea breeze.

Exquisite Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

For those seeking a culinary adventure, 2Beach Club leaves no stone unturned. Indulge your taste buds with a diverse menu that showcases the best of Mauritian and international cuisine. From fresh seafood to exotic cocktails, each dish is a masterpiece crafted with precision and passion. The beachside dining experience adds an extra layer of magic, with the sun setting over the horizon as you savor every bite.

Exclusive Events: Celebrate in Style

Whether it's a romantic beachfront wedding, a corporate retreat, or a family reunion, 2Beach Club is the perfect venue for special events. The professional event planning team ensures that every detail is tailored to perfection, creating memories that last a lifetime. The versatile spaces, coupled with the stunning surroundings, make any occasion at 2Beach Club a truly remarkable affair.

Wellness and Relaxation: Rejuvenate Your Senses

Escape the stresses of daily life at the on-site spa, where a range of indulgent treatments awaits. Let the skilled therapists transport you to a state of utter relaxation, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. Whether it's a rejuvenating massage or a holistic wellness program, 2Beach Club prioritizes your well-being.

A Paradise Found

2Beach Club by 2Futures in Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius, offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, luxury, and attentive service. From the moment you arrive until the day you reluctantly bid farewell, the club's commitment to excellence ensures an unforgettable experience. Discover your own piece of paradise at 2Beach Club, where every moment is an opportunity to create cherished memories in the lap of luxury.

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