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Silcer Beach Club

Indoor & Outdoor

Located just a short drive from Mérida and a mere 1.2 miles from Progreso Pier, Silcer Beach Club stands as a testament to beachfront luxury and relaxation in Progreso, Mexico. With over 18 years of experience in beach and marine activities, Silcer Beach Club, part of the esteemed Silcer Group, promises an unparalleled experience for its guests.

A Beachfront Oasis with Modern Amenities

Silcer Beach Club, built in May 2016, boasts a pristine private beach that offers a mesmerizing view of the sea. The club's top-tier facilities, combined with the serene ambiance of its location, ensure that visitors feel they've stepped into a slice of paradise. Whether you're lounging on the beach or enjoying the view from the deck, Silcer offers a retreat like no other.

Dining with a Yucatecan Touch

The club's restaurant specializes in fresh seafood from the region, prepared with a unique Yucatecan homemade touch that has been a hallmark for over 18 years. From delightful breakfasts on the deck overlooking Progreso to international dishes and a dedicated children's menu, the culinary offerings at Silcer cater to every palate. And for those who wish to unwind, the Palapa Bar offers a range of refreshing drinks to enjoy in a hammock by the seashore.

A Plethora of Activities and Services

Silcer Beach Club is not just about relaxation; it's about fun and engagement. The club offers a wide range of services and water activities, ensuring there's something for everyone. From adult pools, kids and babies pool, to live music, aquatic inflatables, and even a sailing school, the options are endless. And for those who prioritize connectivity, the club offers free internet access, even on the beach!

Events with a Personal Touch

For those looking to host private events, business meetings, or celebrations, Silcer Beach Club provides the perfect venue. With a dedicated team to cater to personal requirements, every event at Silcer, be it a wedding or a baptism, is tailored to perfection, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

Progreso's Beachfront Jewel

Silcer Beach Club in Progreso, Mexico, is more than just a beachfront establishment; it's an experience. Its harmonious blend of relaxation, gourmet dining, and a plethora of activities ensures that every guest leaves with cherished memories and a longing to return. If you're planning a trip to Progreso and are looking for a beach club that offers the best of Mexican luxury and hospitality, Silcer Beach Club is the place to be.

Kokomo Club de Playa Logo

Kokomo Club de Playa

Outdoor only

In the picturesque coastal town of Progreso, where the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waves kiss endless stretches of white sand, lies a hidden paradise that captures the essence of relaxed luxury: Kokomo Club de Playa. This stunning beach club offers a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle, offering an unforgettable blend of natural beauty, comfort, and local charm. For those seeking an oasis where they can relax, dine, and soak up the sun, Kokomo Club de Playa is a destination that stands in a league of its own.

Setting the Scene

Located in the heart of Progreso, Kokomo Club de Playa is an exquisite beachfront property that offers a 180-degree panoramic view of the azure sea and the endless horizon. As you step into the club, you are immediately enveloped by a feeling of serenity, with the tranquil sounds of the sea serving as a constant, soothing background score. Here, the shore is not overcrowded, allowing you to savor the space and freedom that make a beach vacation truly special.

Captivating Design and Ambience

The architecture and design of Kokomo seamlessly blend modern minimalism with regional elements. Thatched-roof cabanas, rustic wooden furniture, and vibrant local textiles all coalesce to create a setting that is both sophisticated and authentically Mexican. The club offers a variety of seating options, including comfortable lounge chairs for sunbathing, shaded cabanas for those seeking respite from the sun, and cozy tables where guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Culinary Delights

One of the most compelling aspects of Kokomo Club de Playa is its culinary offerings. Rooted in Yucatecan and Mexican cuisine, the menu is a gastronomic journey that celebrates local flavors while incorporating global influences. Whether you are craving freshly caught seafood, expertly grilled meats, or vegetarian delights, the kitchen serves up dishes that are both satisfying and visually stunning. The bar area offers an extensive list of cocktails, featuring classics as well as tropical concoctions that make use of local fruits and spices.

Activities for Everyone

While the club is a haven for those seeking relaxation, it also offers a range of activities for guests looking for a more active experience. From beach volleyball to paddleboarding, there are plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping. Children are not left out either, as the club often organizes family-friendly activities like sandcastle-building competitions, ensuring that guests of all ages have an unforgettable time.

Impeccable Service

The service at Kokomo Club de Playa is nothing short of stellar. From the moment you set foot on the property, the attentive and friendly staff go out of their way to make sure your every need is met. Whether it’s a towel you need, a drink you desire, or local attractions you want to learn about, the team is always on hand to assist.

A Hidden Gem

Kokomo Club de Playa in Progreso offers a unique combination of beautiful surroundings, excellent amenities, and genuine hospitality. This beach club is more than just a place to unwind; it’s a venue where quality moments can be enjoyed, whether you are on a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a solo adventure. With its unbeatable location, sumptuous food, range of activities, and unparalleled service, it’s easy to see why this hidden gem is fast becoming a must-visit destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Marymar Beach Club

Outdoor only

In the heart of Progreso, Mexico, lies a beachfront oasis that has become synonymous with relaxation, luxury, and unparalleled beach experiences - the Marymar Beach Club. With its prime location along the Yucatán Peninsula's shimmering coastline, this beach club offers visitors a slice of paradise, making it a standout destination in Progreso.

A Beach Like No Other

Marymar Beach Club boasts some of the finest stretches of sand in Progreso. The golden, soft sands are perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. The gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico kiss the shores, providing a serene backdrop for visitors to unwind and rejuvenate. The club ensures that every guest has a comfortable spot under the sun, with its array of sun loungers and shaded cabanas.

Gastronomic Delights by the Sea

One of the hallmarks of the Marymar Beach Club experience is its culinary offerings. The club's restaurant serves up a delectable mix of local Yucatecan dishes and international favorites. Fresh seafood, sourced from the surrounding waters, takes center stage on the menu. Whether it's ceviche, grilled fish, or a tropical fruit platter, every dish promises a burst of flavor. Complementing the food is a range of refreshing beverages, from tropical cocktails to fresh juices, ensuring guests are always hydrated and satisfied.

Activities for All Ages

Marymar Beach Club understands that every visitor is unique, and thus, it offers a plethora of activities to cater to varied interests. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in jet skiing, paddleboarding, or snorkeling. Those looking for a more relaxed pace can participate in beach yoga sessions or indulge in a therapeutic massage. The club also ensures that younger guests are entertained with safe play areas and kid-friendly activities.

Sustainability at Its Core

In today's age, responsible tourism is paramount, and Marymar Beach Club takes this responsibility seriously. The club is dedicated to eco-friendly practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. From sustainable waste management to using local and organic produce in its kitchen, the club's commitment to the environment is evident in its operations.

Modern Comfort Meets Natural Splendor

While Marymar Beach Club offers all the modern amenities one would expect from a top-tier beach club, it does so without compromising the natural beauty of its surroundings. The architecture and design of the club facilities blend seamlessly with the environment, offering guests a harmonious experience of luxury and nature.

Progreso's Coastal Gem

Marymar Beach Club in Progreso, Mexico, is more than just a beach destination; it's an experience that stays with you. Its combination of natural beauty, top-notch amenities, delicious food, and commitment to sustainability makes it a must-visit when in Progreso. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, Marymar Beach Club promises memories that will last a lifetime.

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