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The Bungalow Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach
Indoor & Outdoor

Overlooking the iconic stretch of Huntington Beach, California, The Bungalow Huntington Beach offers more than just a beachside hangout; it's a quintessential SoCal experience wrapped in a chic, Bohemian package. With its inviting, laid-back atmosphere, stunning ocean views, and an eclectic mix of design elements, this beach club offers a unique blend of California culture, surf-town spirit, and upscale sophistication.

A Dreamy Ambiance

From the moment you step into The Bungalow, the ambiance feels as if it has been lifted straight out of a dream. Think mismatched Bohemian rugs, vintage surfboards adorning the walls, and whimsical string lights casting a warm glow over the open-air decks. These curated touches create an atmosphere that's both enchanting and relaxed, with a sense of curated casualness that captures the essence of coastal California.

Ocean Views and Open Spaces

What truly sets The Bungalow apart is its unrivaled location and layout. Featuring expansive outdoor terraces and cozy lounge areas, the beach club offers multiple vantage points to soak in the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Whether you’re relaxing in a cabana, socializing at the communal tables, or sipping a cocktail by the fire pits, you're treated to a visual feast of surfers riding waves, palm trees swaying, and stunning sunsets over the ocean.

Craft Cocktails and Culinary Delights

No visit to The Bungalow is complete without exploring their cocktail and food offerings. Showcasing a sophisticated drinks menu that leans on local ingredients, the club’s bartenders craft cocktails that range from classic to inventive. If you’re more inclined towards wine or beer, you won’t be disappointed either; their curated list is impressive and designed to suit diverse palates. On the culinary front, The Bungalow specializes in light bites and shareable plates that are perfect for a casual meal. With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the menu features a selection of California-inspired dishes, like fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and organic salads, that perfectly complement the beachside setting.

A Vibrant Social Scene

The Bungalow is not just a venue for relaxation; it’s a social hub with a lively, ever-changing events calendar. Weekends often feature DJ sets, live acoustic performances, and themed parties that attract a diverse crowd. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night or a bustling happy hour scene, The Bungalow has the atmosphere and the crowd to match your mood.

Flexible Spaces for Private Events

For those looking to host private events, The Bungalow offers various spaces that can be tailored to suit any occasion, from intimate gatherings to large celebrations. The club's team prides itself on its flexibility and attention to detail, ensuring that each event is memorable and unique.

Accessibility and Proximity

One of the best parts about The Bungalow is its convenient location. Situated close to the Huntington Beach Pier and a myriad of shopping and dining options, the club serves as the perfect start or end point for a day spent exploring all that Huntington Beach has to offer.

Where Coastal Elegance Meets Bohemian Bliss

The Bungalow Huntington Beach offers a luxurious, yet laid-back experience that captures the dual nature of California living—where the desire for elegance meets the pull of simplicity. Its artful blending of Bohemian charm, coastal elegance, and social vibrancy makes it a must-visit locale for anyone looking to savor the true essence of Southern California. Whether you’re a local in search of a stylish staycation or a tourist eager to soak up the California sun, The Bungalow provides an idyllic backdrop for both relaxation and revelry. It's not just a beach club; it's a lifestyle encapsulated.

Cabo Wabo Beach Club Logo

Cabo Wabo Beach Club

Huntington Beach
Indoor & Outdoor

When the West Coast charm of Huntington Beach meets the party spirit of Cabo San Lucas, you get Cabo Wabo Beach Club. This SoCal hotspot effortlessly brings the zest of Baja Mexico to the golden sands of Huntington Beach, California. Known for its lively atmosphere, delectable food, and expansive drink menu, the beach club offers a unique escape for beachgoers looking to experience something beyond the typical surf culture.

Where Surf City Meets Cabo Fiesta

Situated ideally along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, Cabo Wabo Beach Club gives off the air of a permanent vacation. Palm trees frame the view of the coastline, and colorful, tropical decor adds vibrancy to the surroundings. Here, you won’t just find surfboards and beach cruisers; expect to see authentic Mexican artwork and festive ornaments that make you feel like you've crossed a border, even though you’re still very much in the heart of Southern California.

Fiesta in a Glass

If there’s one thing that sets Cabo Wabo apart, it's the extensive menu of tequila and cocktails. The bar serves up classic Mexican drinks like margaritas and palomas with a contemporary twist. Whether you prefer the smoky allure of a fine mezcal or the tangy zing of a freshly mixed margarita, Cabo Wabo’s drink menu has you covered. The club also offers a broad selection of craft beers, ensuring there's a drink for every taste.

Culinary Escapade

At Cabo Wabo, the food is just as impressive as the drinks. Known for its fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine, the menu combines the richness of Baja flavors with the freshness Californians crave. The fish tacos are a crowd-pleaser, featuring freshly caught fish served on handmade tortillas, while the guacamole and chips offer the perfect blend of crunch and creaminess. Dining here is an immersive experience, complete with vibrant dishes that look as good as they taste.

Dancing to the Beat

The energetic atmosphere of Cabo Wabo is further elevated by its eclectic musical offerings. Live bands and DJs often grace the club, playing an assortment of tunes from Latin beats to popular American hits. Whether you're lounging in a cabana or dancing on the open-air deck, the rhythm of the music sets the tone for a day or night of unbridled fun.

Beachfront Leisure

Being a beach club, Cabo Wabo naturally offers a plethora of beach-based activities. From beach volleyball to paddleboarding, the club makes sure its guests have ample options for physical entertainment. And for those looking for a more laid-back experience, the club’s comfortable loungers and daybeds provide the perfect setting for some sun-soaking serenity.

Family-Friendly and Party-Ready

While Cabo Wabo is known for its spirited atmosphere, it doesn’t shy away from being family-friendly. During the day, the venue exudes a more relaxed vibe suitable for families and beachgoers of all ages. As the sun sets, however, the club transforms into a lively adult playground, complete with dance floors and VIP areas for those looking to celebrate in style.

Convenient and Accessible

The prime location along Huntington Beach ensures you're never far from other local attractions. From shopping at Pacific City to taking a stroll down the famous Huntington Beach Pier, the club serves as a convenient starting or ending point for a day of exploring.

A SoCal Oasis with Baja Vibes

Cabo Wabo Beach Club isn't just another beachfront venue; it's a place where cultures, flavors, and vibes meld to create a one-of-a-kind beach experience. Offering everything from fantastic food and drinks to a lively atmosphere suitable for all ages, this Huntington Beach establishment redefines what it means to be a beach club. With its feet firmly planted in the sands of Southern California but its heart beating to the rhythm of Baja Mexico, Cabo Wabo Beach Club promises an escape that's both local and exotic. It's a fiesta waiting for you to join.

The Huntington Beach House Logo

The Huntington Beach House

Huntington Beach
Outdoor only

Nestled along the breathtaking coastline of Huntington Beach, California—often referred to as "Surf City, USA"—The Huntington Beach House stands as an oasis of luxury and leisure. This exclusive beach club combines the relaxed ethos of Southern California surf culture with the refinement of a luxury resort, offering an unparalleled experience that captures the best of both worlds.

Elegance Meets Beachfront Bliss

From the moment you enter, you are greeted by a space that exudes elegance without sacrificing comfort. The design is tastefully modern, featuring clean lines and organic materials that complement the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Picture floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering unobstructed ocean views, teakwood furnishings that provide a touch of exoticism, and lush greenery that brings the outdoors in. This is a place where form and function meet to create a setting that is both visually stunning and inherently comfortable.

An Infinity Pool Like No Other

Perhaps one of the most spectacular features of The Huntington Beach House is its awe-inspiring infinity pool, which seemingly merges into the Pacific Ocean. With poolside loungers and private cabanas, you can take a refreshing dip, sunbathe, or simply enjoy a cocktail while marveling at the infinite blue of the sky and sea.

Culinary Wonders and Libations

No luxury experience is complete without a tantalizing array of food and drinks, and The Huntington Beach House certainly does not disappoint. The in-house restaurant serves up California-inspired cuisine that focuses on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From delectable seafood platters to gourmet burgers, the culinary creations here cater to discerning palates. As for drinks, the club’s mixologists are adept at crafting both classic cocktails and innovative concoctions. Whether you prefer the tangy burst of a freshly shaken margarita or the nuanced flavors of a fine wine, the beverage menu has something for everyone.

A Social Hub with Panache

While the setting and amenities are undoubtedly luxurious, the atmosphere remains refreshingly laid-back, resonating with the casual vibe that Huntington Beach is known for. The club frequently hosts events, from live music sessions to themed parties, allowing members and guests to mingle in a relaxed yet sophisticated environment.

Wellness and Activity

Recognizing the SoCal emphasis on wellness and an active lifestyle, The Huntington Beach House also features a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga sessions, and direct access to beach activities. Whether you're interested in catching some waves, playing a round of beach volleyball, or simply going for a jog along the shoreline, the club offers a variety of options to keep you active and invigorated.

Family-Friendly Yet Intimate

The club is designed to be accommodating to families, offering a separate children's area and activities designed to keep younger members entertained. At the same time, adults can find their own intimate corners, whether it be a secluded beachfront nook or a private dining room for a romantic evening.

Easy Access to Local Attractions

Located just a short drive from downtown Huntington Beach, the club offers convenient access to local attractions such as the Huntington Pier, Main Street shopping, and the Surfing Walk of Fame. It serves as an excellent base to explore the vibrant local culture and natural beauty of the area.

The Epitome of SoCal Beachfront Luxury

The Huntington Beach House isn't just a venue; it's a curated experience that artfully combines luxury, comfort, and a sense of community. It's a place where you can bask in the sun, delight your taste buds, and enjoy the finer things in life—all while embracing the infectious spirit of SoCal beach culture. From its awe-inspiring views to its exquisite amenities, this beach club offers an escape that is both sublime and authentically Huntington Beach.

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