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La Dolce Vita Plage

Outdoor only

In the sun-drenched coastal town of Menton, where the French Riviera elegantly sidles up to the Italian border, La Dolce Vita Plage serves as a sanctuary that epitomizes both French grace and Italian flair. This luxurious beach club offers more than just a beautiful seaside escape; it is a lifestyle destination where every detail sings in a harmonious symphony of elegance, comfort, and Mediterranean charm.

The Idyllic Setting

La Dolce Vita Plage benefits from one of the most mesmerizing settings in the Riviera, enveloped by azure waters on one side and an idyllic backdrop of palm trees and ornate Belle Époque architecture on the other. Positioned right on the Promenade du Soleil, this exclusive beach club is a stone's throw away from Menton's historic center, affording it a serene yet central location.

Refined Ambiance

Entering La Dolce Vita Plage, one is immediately embraced by an ambiance of refined tranquility. The club radiates understated elegance, with its neutral color palette, opulent yet simple décor, and an arrangement of comfortable loungers and cabanas that invite you to relax and unwind. In the evenings, soft, ambient lighting transforms the club into a dreamy haven where the sky and sea seem to merge into one.

Culinary Excellence

The culinary experience at La Dolce Vita Plage stands as a testament to the club's commitment to exceptional quality. The menu is a creative blend of French and Italian cuisines, offering delectable dishes ranging from Provençal seafood platters to handmade pasta. The wine list boasts a carefully curated selection of French and Italian vintages, while the bar's signature cocktails add a modern twist to traditional recipes.

A Family Affair

One of the distinguishing features of La Dolce Vita Plage is its focus on creating a family-friendly environment without compromising its luxurious aura. A dedicated children's area is staffed by attentive professionals, offering a range of engaging activities that keep the little ones entertained. Meanwhile, adults can relish their time by the sea, assured that their children are enjoying themselves in a secure setting.

Unparalleled Activities

Though relaxation is the cornerstone of the La Dolce Vita Plage experience, the club also offers a wide range of activities for the more active guest. From paddleboarding and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters to beach yoga sessions at dawn, there is no shortage of ways to enrich your visit.

Immaculate Service

Service at La Dolce Vita Plage is as impeccable as its surroundings. The staff, attired in chic uniforms that reflect the club's aesthetic, attend to your every need with a unique blend of professionalism and personal warmth. Whether you wish for a fresh towel, a bespoke cocktail, or recommendations for local attractions, you can expect nothing less than excellence.

A Symphony of Elegance and Relaxation in Menton, France

La Dolce Vita Plage is not just a place to spend a day at the beach; it is an experience that elevates the very concept of leisure and relaxation. With its luxurious setting, exquisite culinary offerings, and meticulous attention to detail, this beach club truly embodies the spirit of 'la dolce vita,' the sweet life that makes the Mediterranean so enchanting. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler seeking the pinnacle of Riviera living, La Dolce Vita Plage in Menton is a destination that promises a lifetime's worth of memories in a single visit.

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Les Sablettes Beach

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the captivating coastal town of Menton, known for its lemon groves and art-rich history, Les Sablettes Beach Club offers an unparalleled experience of French Riviera elegance. With a perfect blend of casual luxury and attentive service, this sophisticated haven elevates beachside leisure to an art form. If you're seeking the quintessence of Riviera culture, encapsulated in one stylish location, look no further than Les Sablettes.

A Picturesque Oasis

Situated in a serene bay, the club benefits from an extraordinary geographical location. A panoramic view of the Mediterranean unfolds before you, while the iconic pastel-hued facades of Menton serve as a stunning backdrop. Its positioning also provides shelter from the more vigorous coastal winds, making it a tranquil retreat for sun-seekers.

Design and Aesthetics

Elegance is the keyword when describing Les Sablettes. Its minimalist design is marked by organic elements—think driftwood furniture, white fabric canopies, and glass tables. This relaxed yet chic décor ensures that the stunning natural surroundings remain the focus. The arrangement of lounge chairs, private cabanas, and dining areas leaves ample space for everyone, offering privacy without compromising the sense of openness.

Culinary Adventures

Les Sablettes is not just a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. The club features a top-notch restaurant where French culinary classics meet Mediterranean influences. Whether you opt for a hearty bouillabaisse, a fresh Niçoise salad, or a seafood platter teeming with the day’s catch, you're in for a gastronomic delight. Paired with wines from Provence and beyond, meals here become memorable experiences.

Leisure Activities

Though most come to Les Sablettes for relaxation, the club doesn't disappoint those who prefer a dash of adventure with their sun and sea. A variety of water sports, from kayaking to jet-skiing, are available for the adrenaline junkies. For those seeking a more meditative experience, yoga and tai chi sessions are often hosted on the beach at sunrise or sunset.

Family-Friendly Luxury

Creating a family-friendly environment without compromising its refined ambience is one of Les Sablettes' outstanding features. The club offers a supervised play area where children can engage in a variety of activities, from sandcastle-building competitions to arts and crafts, allowing adults to relish their well-deserved leisure time.

Impeccable Service

From your arrival to the moment you bid adieu, expect seamless service at Les Sablettes. The staff, dressed in effortlessly chic uniforms, are as efficient as they are gracious. Their goal is to make you feel pampered but never intruded upon, striking the perfect balance that contributes to the club’s atmosphere of relaxed elegance.

The Heart of Riviera Elegance in Menton, France

Les Sablettes Beach Club serves as a sumptuous escape in the heart of Menton, embodying the town's unique blend of French culture and Mediterranean spirit. Its harmonious combination of luxurious amenities, exceptional service, and sumptuous culinary offerings makes it a standout in a region known for its upscale beach clubs. In a world that often moves too fast, Les Sablettes offers a sublime pause, a chance to revel in the best that the French Riviera has to offer.

La Pergola Logo

La Pergola

Indoor & Outdoor

In the captivating seaside town of Menton, where the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean flirt with the stunning French Riviera coastline, lies La Pergola Beach Club—a sanctuary of indulgence and relaxation. Famous for its seamless blend of opulence and natural beauty, La Pergola offers a unique experience for those yearning to bask in the glory of the Côte d'Azur. From its impeccable design to its mouthwatering gastronomy, this beach club is a treasure trove of luxury experiences.

A Palette of Blues and Greens

The location of La Pergola Beach Club is an enviable one, with sweeping vistas that capture the essence of the Mediterranean. Against the backdrop of mountains and the iconic pastel architecture of Menton, the turquoise sea feels almost surreal. The club enjoys a private swath of golden sand, inviting you to breathe in the salty air while lounging under the warm Riviera sun.

The Design Ethos

Step into La Pergola, and you're greeted by a sanctuary that exudes comfort and style. The design elements are inspired by both traditional Provençal aesthetics and modern luxury. Wooden structures with elegant thatching create intimate pergolas, giving the club its name and distinctive character. White and beige furnishings are accented by lush green plants, offering a soothing color scheme that complements the natural surroundings.

Culinary Sophistication

At the heart of La Pergola is its culinary artistry, a fusion of French elegance and Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant offers an array of delectable options—from the freshest oysters to succulent lamb dishes cooked to perfection. With an expansive wine list that showcases the finest local and international vintages, dining here is nothing short of an epicurean adventure. The open-air setting allows you to savor your meal while listening to the gentle lapping of the sea, adding another layer of sensory delight to the experience.

Activities and Wellness

For those who crave more than just sunbathing, La Pergola has a wide array of water sports to keep you entertained. From jet-skiing to paddleboarding, there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping activities. If you prefer a quieter form of relaxation, indulge in a spa treatment under one of the pergolas or join a sunset yoga session to stretch your worries away.

Family-Friendly Indulgence

La Pergola prides itself on being a destination for all ages. The kids' club offers an assortment of games and creative activities to keep the younger guests engaged, all under the watchful eye of experienced caregivers. This allows adults to fully relax and enjoy the club’s offerings, knowing their children are both safe and entertained.

Unmatched Hospitality

One of the hallmarks of La Pergola is its exemplary service. From the moment you arrive, you're treated like family—albeit a very pampered one. The multilingual staff goes above and beyond to meet your needs, whether you desire a special cocktail concoction or need recommendations for exploring Menton and its surrounding areas.

The Essence of Mediterranean Luxury in Menton, France

La Pergola Beach Club is a symphony of all things exquisite, brought together by its splendid setting and meticulous attention to detail. It’s not just a place to see and be seen; it's a haven where you can genuinely unwind and experience the Riviera as it's meant to be—sophisticated yet relaxed, luxurious yet grounded in natural beauty. For anyone visiting Menton, La Pergola is a must-visit, not just for a day at the beach but for a journey into the very soul of Mediterranean luxury.

Panama Plage Restaurant Logo

Panama Plage Restaurant

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled on the glittering coast of Menton, the jewel of the French Riviera, Panama Plage Restaurant offers a unique blend of relaxation, gourmet cuisine, and sumptuous scenery. With an ambiance as luminous as the Mediterranean sun it basks under, this beach club epitomizes the fine balance between casual comfort and refined luxury.

A Captivating Setting

Boasting a prime location along the idyllic Menton shoreline, Panama Plage Restaurant has panoramic vistas that stretch from the palm-fringed promenade to the sapphire-blue sea. In the background, the iconic old town of Menton offers a picturesque panorama, a delightful view to soak in while lounging on the club's plush sunbeds or savoring a meal on the al fresco dining terrace.

A Chic and Earthy Aesthetic

Upon entering Panama Plage, you're immediately greeted by a welcoming, chic aesthetic that pays homage to both French Riviera glam and the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Whitewashed wood contrasts beautifully with turquoise accents, and the use of natural materials like rattan and linen adds an earthy touch. Ambient lighting, courtesy of softly glowing lanterns, brings a sense of magic to the evenings here.

Culinary Excellence

Panama Plage Restaurant is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s an indulgence for the palate. The cuisine here champions local flavors with a Mediterranean flair. Seafood aficionados will revel in the catch-of-the-day options, while those who prefer land-based fare can enjoy Provençal classics made from the freshest local ingredients. The wine and cocktail list is expertly curated, featuring local vintages as well as international favorites. Each sip and bite offer a taste of the Riviera, exquisitely presented and served.

Beyond the Beach

While the allure of golden sands and crystal-clear waters is undeniable, Panama Plage offers more than just a stunning beachfront. Guests have the option to partake in various water sports, from paddleboarding to jet-skiing. For those seeking a quieter way to engage with the environment, early-morning yoga sessions by the sea present a harmonious start to the day.

Family-Friendly Luxury

Families will find Panama Plage exceptionally accommodating. With a designated children’s play area filled with age-appropriate activities and games, parents can savor some well-deserved relaxation without worry. Child-friendly menu options also ensure that even the youngest guests are catered for, making it a fantastic outing for the entire family.

Service Above All

What truly elevates the experience at Panama Plage is the impeccable service. The staff exhibits the perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism. Whether you’re seeking a specific cocktail, looking to arrange a romantic beachside dinner, or inquiring about activities in Menton, they go above and beyond to make your wishes come true.

A Seaside Oasis in Menton, France

Panama Plage Restaurant encapsulates what makes the French Riviera an iconic destination: natural beauty, culinary prowess, and a palpable sense of enjoying life’s finer things. It’s not just a place to relax by the sea; it’s an experience that embodies the rich texture of Mediterranean living. Whether you’re a resident of Menton or a traveler seeking the very best of the French Riviera, Panama Plage promises a day of sheer bliss and enduring memories.

La Cabane Plage Logo

La Cabane Plage

Outdoor only

Menton, the luminous gem on the French Riviera, has long been the epitome of Mediterranean charm. Among the town's myriad offerings that exemplify la belle vie, or the good life, La Cabane Plage stands out as an extraordinary beach club experience. Combining modern luxury with natural splendor, La Cabane Plage embodies the essence of French elegance and the timeless allure of the Mediterranean coast.

Spectacular Location

Nestled along the iconic Promenade du Soleil, La Cabane Plage offers an intimate enclave where the sky meets the sea. With panoramic views of the Mediterranean and Menton's historic old town as a backdrop, the setting couldn't be more idyllic. The beach club is conveniently located within walking distance of the town's main attractions, yet its subtle design and strategic placement make you feel as if you've discovered a secluded haven.

Rustic Elegance

The beach club's design effortlessly harmonizes with its environment. Natural wooden cabanas draped with white linen offer a rustic yet sophisticated look that mirrors the casual elegance of the Riviera lifestyle. The palette of sand, sea, and sky is accented by pops of green foliage, creating a visual experience that is both vibrant and soothing.

Culinary Delights

Epicureans will find their home at La Cabane Plage. The club’s restaurant offers a curated menu that celebrates the bounty of the region, featuring dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients, be it seafood caught from Menton’s own waters or produce harvested from nearby farms. The wine list, rich in regional vintages, complements the cuisine perfectly. Each dish, from the simplest appetizer to the most elaborate main course, is a testament to the culinary excellence that the French Riviera is famous for.

Beyond Relaxation

While the main allure is, of course, the beautiful beach and the chance to recline on a comfortable lounger with a cocktail in hand, La Cabane Plage offers more than just leisurely sunbathing. Guests can participate in a variety of water sports, from snorkeling to paddleboarding, or even take a sailing lesson. For those looking for a more tranquil pursuit, the club regularly hosts wellness activities like beachside yoga and meditation sessions.

Family-Friendly Ambiance

La Cabane Plage welcomes families with open arms. The club features a designated children’s area that is both safe and entertaining, filled with activities that cater to younger guests. This thoughtful inclusion allows parents to indulge in some much-needed relaxation, knowing that their children are enjoying their day just as much as they are.

A Service Like No Other

Service at La Cabane Plage is discreet yet attentive, striking a balance that ensures every need is met without ever feeling intrusive. The staff is impeccably trained, knowledgeable, and eager to enhance your experience, whether by recommending the perfect cocktail or arranging a private cabana with personalized amenities.

The Epitome of Seaside Serenity in Menton, France

La Cabane Plage is not just a beach club; it is an experience that distills the magic of Menton into a single, glorious day by the sea. It encapsulates the best of what the French Riviera has to offer—natural beauty, culinary artistry, and an ambiance of relaxed luxury. A day spent here isn’t simply a day at the beach; it’s a day enveloped in the beauty and grace of Mediterranean living, a day you'll wish would never end.

Da Mitchou Restaurant Plage Logo

Da Mitchou Restaurant Plage

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched on the glamorous shoreline of Menton, known for its vivid lemon festivals and a charming Old Town, Da Mitchou Restaurant Plage offers a refreshing alternative to the typically highbrow beach clubs on the French Riviera. In a setting where luxury often takes center stage, this unique beach club stands out for its unpretentious charm and authentic French hospitality.

Nostalgic Ambiance

The atmosphere at Da Mitchou is evocative of classic French beach culture. Think striped umbrellas, vintage photographs, and rustic wooden furniture that hark back to the golden age of seaside leisure. Here, the vibe is decidedly laid-back, offering a nostalgic contrast to some of the more opulent beach clubs in the vicinity. The unassuming décor and the welcoming smiles of the staff make it clear: this is a place to unwind and relish life’s simple pleasures.


Situated within walking distance of Menton's famous gardens and museums, the location of Da Mitchou Restaurant Plage is a major draw. The beach itself is a less crowded alternative to some of the other spots along the coastline, providing ample space for families, couples, and solo travelers alike to soak up the sun and enjoy the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

A Culinary Retreat

In line with its relaxed atmosphere, Da Mitchou offers a menu that speaks of homely, comfort food with a Provençal twist. Seafood is a house specialty, and you'll often find locals engrossed in lively conversation over a platter of freshly-caught oysters or moules marinières (mussels in white wine sauce). The wine list, although not as extensive as some, is thoughtfully curated to include local gems that perfectly accompany the food on offer.

Water Activities and More

For those who wish to do more than lounge on the beach, the club provides an assortment of water sports and activities. Rent a paddleboard or snorkel gear to explore the underwater world, or partake in a casual game of beach volleyball with friends. Da Mitchou caters to those who seek both relaxation and a dash of adventure.

Community Spirit

What sets Da Mitchou apart is its community-focused approach. The venue hosts a variety of local events, from live music nights to community dinners, making it a popular hangout spot for both residents and visitors. Its welcoming aura makes every guest feel like part of a larger Menton family, a feature that’s hard to come by in the more commercialized beach clubs.

The Staff

True to its community-centric ethos, the staff at Da Mitchou are locals who bring their own warmth and expertise to the service. Friendly without being overbearing, they are happy to share local tips, from the best hiking spots in the region to upcoming events in Menton that you won't want to miss.

A Slice of Authenticity on Menton's Riviera

Da Mitchou Restaurant Plage captures the soul of Menton in a way that few other venues manage. It offers a genuine experience without the need for ostentatious luxury, making it a perfect place for those who want to savor the true spirit of the French Riviera. A visit to this beach club feels like a delightful throwback to a simpler time, yet with all the modern comforts you'd expect. For an authentic, community-driven, and wholly French day at the beach, Da Mitchou should be high on your list.

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