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Akwabô beach

Le Lavandou
Indoor & Outdoor

As you step onto the golden sands of Akwabô Beach, located in the enchanting town of Le Lavandou, it's hard to shake the feeling that you've stumbled upon a well-kept secret along the French Riviera. With its mix of natural elegance and relaxed sophistication, Akwabô Beach offers an inviting sanctuary for sunseekers and bon vivants alike. From its striking design to its exceptional service, this beach club is an exquisite destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Unbeatable Location: Between the Sea and Sky

Situated on the picturesque coast of Le Lavandou, Akwabô Beach is cradled between the azure sky and the tranquil Mediterranean Sea. With a backdrop of palm trees and gentle waves, the beach club creates a postcard-perfect setting that invites relaxation and contemplation.

Ambiance: Where Glamour Meets Comfort

As you enter Akwabô Beach, you're greeted by an ambiance that blends glamour with the casual comfort that coastal life demands. The design of the beach club is a sophisticated affair that incorporates contemporary aesthetics with rustic elements—think sun-bleached wood, plush loungers, and elegant parasols. The color palette of soft pastels and earthy tones complements the surrounding landscape, creating a soothing atmosphere.

The Culinary Experience: Savor the Flavors of the Riviera

One of the standout features of Akwabô Beach is its exceptional culinary offerings. Serving a carefully crafted menu that pays homage to both local and international flavors, the dining experience here is a feast for the senses. Whether you opt for a classic Niçoise salad, freshly-caught seafood, or an exotic fusion dish, each meal is designed to tantalize your palate. To accompany your meal, you'll find a curated selection of local wines and inventive cocktails that capture the spirit of the French Riviera.

Activities: Relaxation and Adventure Coexist

While the natural inclination at Akwabô Beach may be to lie back and soak up the sun, the club also offers an array of water activities for those looking to add a dash of adventure to their day. Whether you prefer paddleboarding, snorkeling, or a leisurely swim, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

First-Class Service: Where Every Detail Matters

At Akwabô Beach, personalized service is not just a promise but a lived reality. The staff go above and beyond to ensure each guest's needs are met, from the minute you're welcomed with a refreshing drink to the moment you bid adieu. With an eye for detail and a passion for hospitality, they create an environment where luxury feels effortless.

Sunset Magic: The Perfect End to a Perfect Day

As the sun begins its descent, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink, the beach club transforms into an ethereal setting. Soft music fills the air, candles flicker, and the waves seem to whisper invitations to stay a little longer. It’s the ideal ambiance for savoring a romantic dinner or enjoying a nightcap with friends.


Akwabô Beach offers more than just a beautiful setting; it provides a holistic experience that caters to your every need and desire. With its unmatched location, luxurious amenities, world-class cuisine, and impeccable service, it's no wonder that Akwabô Beach has become a must-visit destination for those who find themselves in the captivating region of Le Lavandou. A day spent here is not just a day at the beach—it's a foray into a world of elegance and relaxation that you'll never want to leave.

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Acampa Plage

Le Lavandou
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the scenic vistas of Le Lavandou along the French Riviera, Acampa Plage offers visitors an idyllic beachfront haven where charm and luxury coalesce. Evoking the essence of Mediterranean leisure, this beach club is designed to sweep guests off their feet with its captivating landscapes, impeccable service, and unparalleled comfort. Let's explore the myriad facets that make Acampa Plage a treasure trove of experiences you won't want to miss.

Captivating Locale

Acampa Plage resides along a stretch of the azure Mediterranean Sea, flanked by an enclave of pine forests and blooming flora. This natural cocoon creates an intoxicating aroma that welcomes guests as they step onto the club's premises. The sandy shore, soft and clean, invites you to shed your shoes and feel the earth under your feet as you make your way to your reserved spot.

Elegant Ambiance

Upon entering Acampa Plage, guests are greeted with a gentle breeze that carries the scent of salty sea air mingled with pine. The décor marries classic French elegance with beachside casual, featuring a palette of blues and whites that echo the surrounding seascape. Umbrellas of natural fibers provide ample shade, and luxurious loungers beckon visitors to recline and let go of their worldly worries.

Culinary Excellence

No visit to Acampa Plage would be complete without indulging in the culinary delights it has to offer. The club’s restaurant is a gastronomic sanctuary, featuring a menu that honors the rich, local produce of the Mediterranean. From briny oysters and succulent lobsters to a selection of plant-based delicacies, the kitchen caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. To accompany the meal, a curated list of local wines and inventive cocktails are on offer, each designed to accentuate the flavors of the region.

A Plethora of Activities

For those who wish to spice up their leisure time, Acampa Plage provides a range of activities that run the gamut from relaxing to adventurous. From kayaking and snorkeling to beach volleyball, the club ensures that there is never a dull moment. A dedicated play area for children makes this a family-friendly destination, where everyone can find their slice of joy.

Uncompromising Comfort

Acampa Plage leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the comfort and well-being of its guests. The attentive staff is trained to provide discreet, top-notch service, meeting all your needs before you even realize they exist. From plush towels to high-quality beach accessories, every amenity has been chosen to elevate your beach day into an extraordinary experience.

Sunset Serenade

As the day winds down, Acampa Plage takes on a magical glow. As the sun sets, the sky becomes a painter’s canvas of orange, pink, and purple hues, providing the perfect backdrop for evening festivities. The club’s transition from day to night is seamless, with soft lighting and ambient music creating an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for romantic dinners or laid-back socializing.

An Enchanting Retreat at Le Lavandou, France

A day at Acampa Plage is not just a day at the beach; it is a foray into a world where luxury and nature blend seamlessly. With its unparalleled locale, inviting ambiance, and array of activities and amenities, this beach club captures the quintessence of what a Mediterranean vacation should be. It's not merely a place to unwind; it's a locale where memories are made, making it an essential pitstop on any journey through the stunning French Riviera.

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Les Canetons

Le Lavandou
Indoor & Outdoor

Set against the enchanting backdrop of Le Lavandou on the Côte d'Azur, Les Canetons is a captivating beach club that epitomizes the French Riviera's timeless allure. Combining laid-back luxury with the casual elegance that the South of France is renowned for, this beachside haven offers the perfect escape for those in search of sun, sea, and serenity.

A Stunning Locale

Les Canetons enjoys a privileged position along one of Le Lavandou's most picturesque stretches of coastline. Here, the sky-blue Mediterranean waters meet golden sands, framed by rocky promontories and verdant hills that seem to roll into the sea. The sweeping vistas and calm, crystalline waters create an environment where relaxation is not just encouraged; it's inevitable.

Inspired Ambiance

The aesthetic of Les Canetons is a delightful fusion of Riviera chic and modern minimalism. The color palette—white, beige, and shades of sea blue—echoes the natural surroundings, while elegant rattan furnishings and breezy cabanas lend an air of understated sophistication. Every design element, from the sculptural lanterns that illuminate the space in the evening to the artfully arranged potted palms, adds to the club's air of relaxed refinement.

Culinary Wonders

At the heart of any beach club experience is the cuisine, and Les Canetons does not disappoint. With a strong emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients, the menu is a vibrant celebration of Mediterranean flavors. The seafood is sourced from local fishermen, ensuring that whether you opt for the grilled calamari or the signature bouillabaisse, you're enjoying the freshest catch available. Pair your meal with a glass of crisp Provençal rosé, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Activities and Amenities

For those looking to intersperse their sunbathing with a bit of action, Les Canetons offers an array of water sports and activities. Paddleboarding, windsurfing, and snorkeling gear are all available for guests to use, making it easy to explore the underwater wonders that the region is famous for. Children aren't left out, with a dedicated kids' area offering plenty of entertainment for younger guests.

Exceptional Service

What sets Les Canetons apart from many other beach clubs is its unswerving commitment to guest satisfaction. From the moment you're greeted at the entrance by friendly staff, you'll feel the difference that personalized service can make. Whether it's a chilled towel upon arrival, recommendations for local outings, or a customized cocktail made to your exact specifications, no request is too small or too large.

Evening Tranquility

As dusk falls, Les Canetons transforms into an intimate, atmospheric retreat. Fairy lights twinkle in the trees, and the sounds of soft jazz fill the air. It's a magical setting for enjoying one last cocktail or sharing a romantic meal as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold.

A Tranquil Gem on Le Lavandou's Shimmering Coastline

Whether you're a local looking for a luxurious day by the sea or a traveler seeking the quintessential Côte d'Azur experience, Les Canetons delivers on all fronts. From its breathtaking location and stylish ambiance to its sumptuous cuisine and impeccable service, it offers a slice of Riviera life at its very finest. A visit to this idyllic beach club is more than just a day out—it's an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning to return.

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